My Favorite Purchases from 2021… So Far

Did someone say free shipping?

2021 has definitely been the year of the online shop for me. I have really hit my stride when it comes to having multiple tabs of retailers open, checking my honey coupons, and searching for discount codes galore. What is more fun than a good online shop sometimes? During a time when not too much is exciting, inspiring, or stable enough to look forward to, I have found that sometimes it’s the little things that can spark some joy. A skincare product that encourages self care, a bathing suit that get’s you excited about the summer once again, or a pair of comfy yoga pants that encourage you to join your mom in her daily yoga flow. I have had so much fun finding these pieces to add to my closet and hope you enjoy my little review. Maybe some of these items will even make it into your shopping cart too!

Sunny Yellow Tank Top by Club Monaco


When I saw this color on the shelf, I knew whatever kind of top it was I would have to get it. Ever since I was little I have had an affinity for the color yellow – the paler the better! When I was about two years old I had a matching yellow and white striped belly shirt and shorts set that I lived in. Despite having a chubby baby belly and bowed legs from starting to walk too early, I wore my little set with pride. Although this tank top has a bit more fabric than my childhood favorite, it is just as soft and just as sunny. Definitely worth the purchase! 

High Waisted Flutter Legging by Alo Yoga

Airbrush High-Waist Flutter Legging - Black

I don’t remember where I first saw these leggings, but I remember that when I did I thought that I needed to have them. I mean look at those slits! Whenever I look for pants I always try to look for basics with a twist and these are just that! Because they were such a hot item when they came out, they were sold out on the Alo Yoga site. However I was able to find a new pair on Poshmark, thanks to my Poshmark Queen Tara, who found them on the day they were listed- and for less than their original retail price! Although I would have preferred the waistband to have been a bit wider, these pants fit super comfortably and have great stretch. These yoga pants are also happily yoga class approved!

Bordighera Black Strappy Sandal by Jacquemus


When you see Jacquemus and on sale in the same sentence, there is nothing you can do but submit to the inevitable. You will be purchasing and not regretting the decision. These eclectic sandals were calling my name when I first saw them online on a thrifting retailer’s site. They just happened to be my size and were a mere fraction of their original price. I was lucky in that they had just been listed and knew that I had to act fast before someone else swiped them up. Despite having no where to go for a while now, I knew I had to find a place in my wallet and closet to make room for this new gorgeous addition. And I’m happy that I did. 

Cucumber Green Tea Deodorant by Frank Body


What can I say? I had to recommend this one, considering I see myself as somewhat of a deodorant aficionado of sorts. There is something about deodorant that drives me crazy- in both good and bad ways. I really have an aversion to body odor and find that deodorant is a must- but not just any deodorant! One that is odor and sweat resistant, yet not so scented that it simply replaces the need for cologne or perfume. It shouldn’t be visible on clothing and cause a mess. These are the deodorant rules I live by and this deodorant that I just discovered is truly the holy grail, ticking every box with flying colors. 

Tie Up Snakeskin Flats by Steve Madden 

Steve Madden Ryee Sandal (1)

I often find inspiration from those I see in every day life; the woman walking into a coffee shop wearing a pair of stunning leather pants, a tourist on vacation wearing a big straw hat, and, in this case, a woman wearing the strappiest pair of sandals I had ever seen attending an outdoor carnival. Once I saw that pair of strappy sandals, I knew that I had to find a pair for myself. Recently, I went to work, scouring the internet for something with some ties that was fun and unique. I found my item and, with little hesitation, made my purchase. In 5-7 business days I was pleasantly surprise and truly delighted by my sandal arrival. 

Terry Cloth Bikini by Triangl


Maybe it was summer just around the corner or maybe it was just some good marketing – probably a little bit of both – that I felt like I just needed this bathing suit. I know what you’re thinking terry cloth and white on a bathing suit, meant to be worn at the beach!? Umm… yes. It’s all for the sake of fashion! When I received this long awaited suit in the mail and tried it on, it was such an exciting moment. The fit is so great and it’s such a classic cut, yet with a unique flare. I can’t wait to wear it this summer, if only the weather would warm up already!

Flare Bottom Medium Wash Jeans by Citizens of Humanity


If you find a jean that just fits right, you have to buy them. I think it’s an unspoken rule somewhere, maybe in jean land. I have been looking for a nice medium wash jean for a while now and, when I saw this pair, I knew that we might be a perfect match- and we were! This pair of pants fits in all the right places and are a perfect length for me, which isn’t always easy to find. They hit right below the belly button, making them a perfect height without landing in high waisted territory, and have just the right amount of distressing. You can also really feel the quality of the denim in these pants. I always think that jeans are a great investment, these pants being one with recurring dividends. 

Water Sleeping Mask by Laneige 

Water Sleeping Mask - LANEIGE _ Sephora

I’ve been looking for some more expensive skincare face masks to replace to CVS sheet masks and the giant tub of Amazonian clay mask powder I have in my skincare stash. After a deep online search and too many friends pestered later, I finally landed on this hydrating sleeping mask from Laneige. Once I tried it I really fell in love, you truly feel your skin instantly hydrating- it’s like someone just splashed you with a bucket of water! I also love the fact that you get to sleep with it on overnight and rinse it off in the morning. This mask is, for sure, worth the investment to add to your skincare routine! 

What have been your favorite purchases of 2021?

My Retail Predictions for 2021 (Part II)

My retail rundown.

Part two, here we go! Last Friday we talked about experiential moving online, video tutorials, brick and mortar closures, supporting small business, and the end of scheduled collection releases. This week, I am bringing you five more retail predictions to look out for in 2021! A few parting words- make sure to support local businesses, research the companies that you buy your products from, and be bold with your purchases! That feather dress and glittery bowtie is all you!

Online Retail Consulting 


Because we aren’t able to have in-person shopping consultations, these experiences are moving online to help shoppers get that personal touch from the comfort of their own homes. The well-known Korean skincare company innisfree is one retailer that offers free one-on-one skincare consultations with one of their Korean skincare experts. I foresee many businesses providing similar services in the future, whether it be personal shopping consultations or virtual product walk-throughs. These virtual experiences are being explored now for definite utilization in the future. 

Global Online Discovery and Purchasing

Screen Shot 2021-02-15 at 3.13.02 PMAs a result of more people shopping online than in store, consumers will have a greater likelihood of discovering international brands with an e-commerce presence than ever before. Popular brands such as Australian e-commerce swimsuit retailer TRIANGL and France’s first online-only retailer Sézane, allow you to import the fashions and trends you love from across the globe. Opportunities to purchase clothing from niche retailers abroad has also allowed for less regionalization and more globalization when it comes to fashion, yet another example of how our world is becoming increasingly interconnected. 


Blurred Lines Between Social Media and Buying 

Instagram has done it with their shopping feature, Pinterest has done the same with the way in which you can purchase items tagged in photos, so what’s next? Shopping and media often go hand-in-hand, which is why it is my opinion that other platforms such as TikTok and Youtube- who knows maybe even Twitter- will soon be integrating certain buying features in their technology. When Gen Z-ers see something that they really like, they instantly need to know where to find it and how to buy it. Keeping this in mind, in addition to the fact that social media platforms thrive on ad revenue, it’s hard to see how this won’t be the future. 

Increased Reliance on Consumer Reviews

Screen Shot 2021-02-15 at 3.35.39 PM

Lately, I’ve seen an increase reliance on consumer reviews, reviews done by unbiased third parties such as Consumer Reports, or even unpaid promotions by social media influencers for customers to get a better idea of what they are purchasing. Buying a product, testing it out, and then having to return it can be a big hassle for some, who often buy online just to reduce said hassle. These hyper specific reviews and comments can be an extreme benefit to companies too, who have a loyal and engaged following that is willing to evangelize to others of their excitement for products. Glossier is one company that has thrived because of its consumer reviews and has a detailed approach as to how they capture review data that is worth taking a look at if you, yourself are looking to sell products online.  

Sustainable, Ethical, and Value Driven Brands

Screen Shot 2021-02-15 at 3.54.09 PM

Although this trend has been coming down the pipeline for some time now, ethical and value driven brands will never go out of style in the U.S., as sustainability and the environment have become an increasing concern within the fashion industry. Brands such as Everlane, Parade, and Biossance have all sought a niche place within their market on the basis of being more sustainable than their competitors. Sustainability reports are even becoming more popular for brands to disclose, a write up on their sustainability efforts and performance. Companies that are reporting on this are only putting more pressure on others to conform to higher ethical and environmental standards. Let’s keep it up retail!

My Retail Predictions for 2021 (Part I)

My retail rundown.

Retail is an ever-changing game. One day, critics say that shopping malls are dead, the next they are saying that in-person shopping experiences are paramount of importance, the next that consignment is the new method of purchase. There are a million opinions about what the future of retail will look like. This year, I thought I would take a stab at some trends that I see blossoming over the course of this year. Don’t forget to sign up for my weekly newsletter that comes out every Sunday to stay updated for when Part II comes out next week!

Experiential Moving Online

Screen Shot 2021-02-07 at 2.21.20 PM

I think that everyone would agree that shopping is meant to be all about the experience. Touching the clothes, wearing the clothes, interacting with the sales people, and purchasing the items- maybe even doing a little twirl in the dressing room? But, when company’s retail storefronts are forced to close down, much of the experience that consumers get purchasing, has gone away. Consequently, companies have been striving to find innovative methods to recreate unique experiences for customers. Some ways that retailers have started to do so is through augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies. AR is one compelling way that furniture retailer Wayfair, for example, has been engaging it customers through almost exclusive e-commerce selling. Through AR, Wayfair app users have been able to see what Wayfair items would look like in their house, whether it be couches, rugs, or anything in between. This is a truly innovative solution that the company is exploring in order to further engage the consumer and allow them to explore different opportunities with the touch of a button. It also allows purchasers to feel more comfortable with their buying decisions, given that they have already had the opportunity to “try out” the items in their own home. Similarly, AR and VR company Obsess has been building these tech experiences for companies such as Tommy Hilfiger, Christian Dior, Coach, Ulta Beauty, and Ralph Lauren. Obsess has created virtual stores and buying experiences for 5 years, increasing the return on investment for retail stores by setting up a virtual sales channel. This is truly the wave of the future.

Product Pages with Videos and Tutorials

Private GIF (1)

As a result of in-person buying being put on hold due to the pandemic, more companies have and will start incorporating videos reviews and tutorials into their product pages in order for the consumer to get a better idea of what they are purchasing. Because buyers aren’t able to touch, try on, and experience products in stores, online retailers should be more motivated to put up dynamic content in order to best inform the consumer on the products they are interested in. ASOS does a good job of including videos of models in the clothing that they sell, giving the consumer a better idea of the fit, movement, and texture of the clothing- aspects that they might not be able to detect from just a photo. Beauty products are especially difficult for consumers to buy online because they tend to require testing within the consumer journey. Customers buying an eyeshadow, for instance, in stores, would often be able to test a sample to examine many aspects of the product- texture, color, contrast with skin tone, and scent. Understanding this obstacle, Sephora has begun to incorporate short videos and tutorials into their product pages, such as this one, which showcases what the product looks like on a range of skin tones as well as a brief glimpse of how the application works. The more information that buyers have, the more equipped to make a purchase. Dynamic content remains king. 

Brick and Mortar Closures, Except for Big Box

Café Congreso in the Phillipines - inspired by Wes Anderson films

This comes as a shock to no one, but it appears that more brick and mortar closures are in the cards for small to medium size businesses. The return on your investment for retail storefronts, especially during the pandemic, have become smaller and smaller, as consumers have found online shopping more popular and safe than venturing into brick and mortar shops. E-commerce companies, who can leverage online marketing to their advantage, can see profits well above their counterparts, who are spending thousands of dollars on shops to gain recognition and hopefully pull some passersby in off the street. I can definitely foresee popular online retailers opening up shop in the future, but only after having establishing intense brand loyalty and a steady stream of sales. I also imagine pop up stores becoming more popular, as retailers are able to test the market on whether or not there is a consistent customer base in a specific location as a proof of concept.

The End of Scheduled Collection Releases

Private GIF

There was once a time, long, long ago, when designers showed their latest collections during Fashion Week. Due to the setbacks of the COVID-19 pandemic, many designers have had to reschedule or even cancel shows. However, this has allowed for fashion houses to reevaluate their participation in such prescribed events. Michael Kors even moved his Spring 2021 presentation from September to October 15th in 2020. “I have for a long time thought that the fashion calendar needs to change,” he said in a statement. “It’s exciting for me to see the open dialogue within the fashion community about the calendar—from Giorgio Armani to Dries Van Noten to Gucci to YSL to major retailers around the globe—about ways in which we can slow down the process and improve the way we work,” Kors comments. The pandemic has allowed for designers to rethink many aspects of tradition within the industry, set seasons being one that has created more cohesion for some and stress for others. In the future, I see designers favoring their own pace over industry convention. 

Supporting Small Business 

Why Kamala Harris's Outfit Made a Striking Statement at the InaugurationSmall business owners will continue to challenge major players in the retail space this year, including everyone from trendy Esty candle and acrylic coaster makers to young, emerging fashion designers. We saw it at the presidential inauguration and will be seeing it a lot more in 2021. Vice President Kamala Harris chose to wear a purple coat and dress designed by up and coming African American designer Christopher John Rogers, a Louisiana native. Similarly, First Lady Jill Biden wore a blue ensemble by emerging designer Alexandra O’Neill, who is originally from rural Colorado. Although outfits worn during this prestigious event are traditionally made by U.S. companies, both women went out of their way this year to support individuals lesser known in the industry.

Likewise, there has been a continual push for consumers to eat and shop more locally, supporting businesses that have been hit hard due to the pandemic. Buying from American owned businesses has also become a priority in attempting to boost the local economy as opposed to purchasing products from abroad. This movement has shown a heavy spotlight on new faces within the industry- a true breath of fresh air. I have also witnessed social media, such as TikTok, play a large role in increasing exposure for small businesses, like instant acrylic nail company Klaw Beauty, sustainable clothing company STAN, and candle company ember candles, to name a few.

The way that we shop in 2021 is shifting and I hope and pray it is here to stay!

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