My Favorite Purchases from 2021… So Far

Did someone say free shipping?

2021 has definitely been the year of the online shop for me. I have really hit my stride when it comes to having multiple tabs of retailers open, checking my honey coupons, and searching for discount codes galore. What is more fun than a good online shop sometimes? During a time when not too much is exciting, inspiring, or stable enough to look forward to, I have found that sometimes it’s the little things that can spark some joy. A skincare product that encourages self care, a bathing suit that get’s you excited about the summer once again, or a pair of comfy yoga pants that encourage you to join your mom in her daily yoga flow. I have had so much fun finding these pieces to add to my closet and hope you enjoy my little review. Maybe some of these items will even make it into your shopping cart too!

Sunny Yellow Tank Top by Club Monaco


When I saw this color on the shelf, I knew whatever kind of top it was I would have to get it. Ever since I was little I have had an affinity for the color yellow – the paler the better! When I was about two years old I had a matching yellow and white striped belly shirt and shorts set that I lived in. Despite having a chubby baby belly and bowed legs from starting to walk too early, I wore my little set with pride. Although this tank top has a bit more fabric than my childhood favorite, it is just as soft and just as sunny. Definitely worth the purchase! 

High Waisted Flutter Legging by Alo Yoga

Airbrush High-Waist Flutter Legging - Black

I don’t remember where I first saw these leggings, but I remember that when I did I thought that I needed to have them. I mean look at those slits! Whenever I look for pants I always try to look for basics with a twist and these are just that! Because they were such a hot item when they came out, they were sold out on the Alo Yoga site. However I was able to find a new pair on Poshmark, thanks to my Poshmark Queen Tara, who found them on the day they were listed- and for less than their original retail price! Although I would have preferred the waistband to have been a bit wider, these pants fit super comfortably and have great stretch. These yoga pants are also happily yoga class approved!

Bordighera Black Strappy Sandal by Jacquemus


When you see Jacquemus and on sale in the same sentence, there is nothing you can do but submit to the inevitable. You will be purchasing and not regretting the decision. These eclectic sandals were calling my name when I first saw them online on a thrifting retailer’s site. They just happened to be my size and were a mere fraction of their original price. I was lucky in that they had just been listed and knew that I had to act fast before someone else swiped them up. Despite having no where to go for a while now, I knew I had to find a place in my wallet and closet to make room for this new gorgeous addition. And I’m happy that I did. 

Cucumber Green Tea Deodorant by Frank Body


What can I say? I had to recommend this one, considering I see myself as somewhat of a deodorant aficionado of sorts. There is something about deodorant that drives me crazy- in both good and bad ways. I really have an aversion to body odor and find that deodorant is a must- but not just any deodorant! One that is odor and sweat resistant, yet not so scented that it simply replaces the need for cologne or perfume. It shouldn’t be visible on clothing and cause a mess. These are the deodorant rules I live by and this deodorant that I just discovered is truly the holy grail, ticking every box with flying colors. 

Tie Up Snakeskin Flats by Steve Madden 

Steve Madden Ryee Sandal (1)

I often find inspiration from those I see in every day life; the woman walking into a coffee shop wearing a pair of stunning leather pants, a tourist on vacation wearing a big straw hat, and, in this case, a woman wearing the strappiest pair of sandals I had ever seen attending an outdoor carnival. Once I saw that pair of strappy sandals, I knew that I had to find a pair for myself. Recently, I went to work, scouring the internet for something with some ties that was fun and unique. I found my item and, with little hesitation, made my purchase. In 5-7 business days I was pleasantly surprise and truly delighted by my sandal arrival. 

Terry Cloth Bikini by Triangl


Maybe it was summer just around the corner or maybe it was just some good marketing – probably a little bit of both – that I felt like I just needed this bathing suit. I know what you’re thinking terry cloth and white on a bathing suit, meant to be worn at the beach!? Umm… yes. It’s all for the sake of fashion! When I received this long awaited suit in the mail and tried it on, it was such an exciting moment. The fit is so great and it’s such a classic cut, yet with a unique flare. I can’t wait to wear it this summer, if only the weather would warm up already!

Flare Bottom Medium Wash Jeans by Citizens of Humanity


If you find a jean that just fits right, you have to buy them. I think it’s an unspoken rule somewhere, maybe in jean land. I have been looking for a nice medium wash jean for a while now and, when I saw this pair, I knew that we might be a perfect match- and we were! This pair of pants fits in all the right places and are a perfect length for me, which isn’t always easy to find. They hit right below the belly button, making them a perfect height without landing in high waisted territory, and have just the right amount of distressing. You can also really feel the quality of the denim in these pants. I always think that jeans are a great investment, these pants being one with recurring dividends. 

Water Sleeping Mask by Laneige 

Water Sleeping Mask - LANEIGE _ Sephora

I’ve been looking for some more expensive skincare face masks to replace to CVS sheet masks and the giant tub of Amazonian clay mask powder I have in my skincare stash. After a deep online search and too many friends pestered later, I finally landed on this hydrating sleeping mask from Laneige. Once I tried it I really fell in love, you truly feel your skin instantly hydrating- it’s like someone just splashed you with a bucket of water! I also love the fact that you get to sleep with it on overnight and rinse it off in the morning. This mask is, for sure, worth the investment to add to your skincare routine! 

What have been your favorite purchases of 2021?

❤️ Valentines Day Gifts to Say I Love You ❤️

Ditch the basics this year, it’s 2021.

Love is in the air- just the way I like it! I love Valentines Day so much, finally a day I get to express to those in my life how much I love and care for them without feeling weird about it! Not to mention, all my favorite things in one day, love, friends, family, and gift giving. My mom is the one who has instilled a love for the holiday in me. Growing up, she used to celebrate the Valentines Day in a big way for me and my family, setting our table with a red table cloth and heart confetti. Everyone received chocolates and a little treats. And when it came to sharing valentines with my classmates in Elementary school, my mom and I would sit at our kitchen table and hand-make paper hearts with personalized messages in them- if you were my crush in the 5th grade, you definitely received more hand-drawn glittery hearts in your valentine. To help inspire you this Valentines Day, I have put together some gift ideas to say “I love you”. But, when in doubt, just say “I love you,” that will easily surpass any of these ideas for sure.

Sugarfina Candy Cube BundleScreen Shot 2021-01-05 at 7.23.58 PM

If you love candy like I do, this Sugarfina candy bundle is meant for you- or your loved one to buy for you! My personal favorites are the champagne gummy bears and the peach bellini hearts, but Sugarfina has tons of sugary options to choose from, so if its not this bundle, another will suit perfectly. Everyone loves to receive something sweet on this day. A kiss to go with it might not hurt either.   

Venus et Fleur Classic Bundle

Screen Shot 2021-01-05 at 7.28.16 PM

It’s always lovely to get flowers on Valentines Day, but getting flowers that last for an entire year, is even better! This Venus et Fleur classic bundle rose and candle set is the perfect gift if you are looking to spoil your loved one all year long. Despite being delicately preserved, the roses still retain a fragrant and sweet smell, so you don’t have to sacrifice anything for this special flower treat. A 10/10 gift in my book. 

Decoder Heart Valentine Card Stationary Set by Paper Source

Screen Shot 2021-01-05 at 7.33.05 PM

Everyone loves receiving a personalized note in the mail for special events and Valentines Day is no different. Throw some excitement into the mix with this “decoder” stationary set to write secret messages to your admirer. Gifts are meant to be equally sentimental as they are fun and surprising. This stationary set ticks all of the right boxes. Plus, who wouldn’t want to dawn those groovy 2000s 3-D style glasses to decode the message? 

Glitter Eye Mask by Ulta

Screen Shot 2021-01-05 at 7.38.06 PM

Being in love is hard, but someone’s gotta do it! Gift this glittery gel eye mask to your love or treat yourself! This eye mask is perfect to pop in the fridge and take out to help you de-puff and hit the relax button. Pair it with your favorite skincare mask and put your feet up. Let’s be honest, this Valentines Day should be as much about self love too!

Polaroid Camera by instax

Screen Shot 2021-01-05 at 7.41.34 PM

I love taking pictures to capture memories of some of my favorite moments with friends. Capturing those fun times with a Polaroid makes it all the better, as you don’t have to stress about getting the perfect angles or making sure you’re smizing. You simply take the picture and let the chips fall where they may! It’s also perfect because your picture develops right after you capture it. Polaroids for everyone! 

Stemless Wine Glasses and a Vinebox Wine Club Subscription

Screen Shot 2021-01-05 at 7.47.47 PM

When I first saw these stemless wine glasses I thought to myself “this is how shopping addictions start”. They are absolutely gorgeous and pair nicely with any wine club subscription, such as Vinebox. You can never have too many glasses or too much wine in the house, so this seems like the most responsible gift. 

Doordash their Favorite Food

Screen Shot 2021-01-05 at 7.52.50 PM

Having surprise food delivered to your house is like finding a surprise letter in the mail. You didn’t know it was coming and now your entire day has been made. This year, surprise your love with a box of cupcakes, a pizza, bubble tea, or even a whole cake delivered straight to their door. This is especially great because you can pre-pay for it all and schedule the order in advance, letting Doordash, UberEats, or any other food delivery provider take care of the rest. No more hungry bellies on Valentines Day! 

Smallest Love Letter Charm by Catbird 

Screen Shot 2021-01-05 at 7.58.00 PM

Catbird is the epitome of cuteness. Every jewelry piece that they sell is delicate and adorable and this love letter charm is no exception. Custom engrave this piece to include a sweet message and your loved one’s name or address. Better yet, get a matching necklace for you and your bestie. Honestly, the possibilities are endless here.

 Flowers by UrbanStems

Screen Shot 2021-01-05 at 8.03.36 PM

Sending roses in 2020- fine- sending roses in 2021-basic. This arrangement by UrbanStems is so unconventional and special to make any loved one take a double take. This hand-dyed, dried arrangement is a perfect way to communicate your undying love (wow, that got dramatic). The soft, pink hue of this arrangement will bring a smile to your face when you see it every day. That, I am sure of. 

Rose Facemask by Fresh

Screen Shot 2021-01-05 at 8.05.53 PM

Yup, this is one to gift yourself as well as your loved one. Roses are nice to receive in a traditional format, but imagine someone gifting you a rose face mask and saving your skin by hydrating and toning it all at once!? If someone looks after your skin for you, they definitely care for you. Now, that’s true love. 

What are some of the ways you are treating your loved ones this year?

Luna Zhang on How to be a Good Thrifter

Thrifting? It’s easy as 1,2, only $3.00- I’ll buy it!

“Let’s go thrifting” is a daunting proposition to many. What do you buy? How do you get the cat pee smell out of the clothes? There are just a million questions. Luna Zhang, however, is one of those people that knows all the answers when it comes to buying second hand goods. With an unmatched style and a passion for fashion, Luna is a go-to when it comes to seeking advice before diving into the bargain bin. Show us the way Luna!

Tell us about you Luna!

Hi everyone! My name is Luna Zhang and I am currently a senior at Babson College. I am studying Operations/IT but looking to pursue a career in fashion. I was able to work in the fashion industry this summer through an internship with Converse/Nike, and loved every second of it. I am obsessed with all things clothes and shoes and love to express my creativity through my outfits. Some of my other hobbies besides fashion include painting, working out, and listening to music.

Why thrifting? 

 My thrifting journey started through going to Estate Sales with my parents. They are really into antiques shopping and eventually, I started going to actual thrift stores and thrifting on my own.  I would say around 80% of my clothes are thrifted.  While a lot of people find thrifting to be overwhelming, I like the treasure hunt aspect of it because you’ll never know what you’ll find! Personally, I find shopping at malls to be uninspiring because the selections are all the same and pretty bland.  However, when thrifting, you can find the most random pieces that you have to think about how to style.  It’s more work but totally worth it in the long run! The only thing I don’t thrift are shoes because I like the feeling of getting a new pair of shoes in the mail. Nothing beats the adrenaline rush of unboxing a new pair of sneakers!

Is sustainable fashion important to you?  

Sustainable fashion is definitely important to me-I have been slowly trying to make the commitment to stop buying fast fashion due to the waste impact it has to our world.  I think the biggest thing that companies need to understand is that sustainability is not a “trend”, and I hope that retail companies will start to implement more permanent sustainable practices in their business models.  As someone who is looking to pursue a career in this industry after graduation, I hope to be an advocate for sustainability and use my voice for good.

Style inspiration?

I am really vibing with vibrance at the moment-think Jaden Smith’s newest album cover. I love the way he experiments with loud colors-his style is bold and kinda funky.  I’ve definitely I love outfits that inspire me to go out of my comfort zone when it comes to styling my own clothes. My favorite moments are when I see someone’s fit and think “oh wow, I would not have thought to style that piece that way” because that different perspective inspires me to try new things too.

My current style inspiration is definitely Emma Chamberlain. She is so so underrated and I feel like people don’t take her fashion seriously because she’s “just a youtube girl”. I love how her style doesn’t necessarily fit into one category because she’s always trying out different looks. She also defies the concept of gender segmented fashion through wearing traditionally “masculine” styles. I honestly feel like she was the girl to start the sweater vest trend-people gave her so much crap when she started wearing them because they are traditionally for men, but now every girl on the street pretty much wears them now. Go figure! I remember I used to always be afraid to wear my favorite outfits out because I’d think to myself, “you could never pull that off” or “why are you trying so hard”, or “that’s not girly enough”, but I think having a role model like her pushed me to stop overthinking and have the confidence to wear what I want out. 

Favorite recently thrifted items?

 I remember I was on my way to thrift with some of my friends and I passed by this girl who had these BEAUTIFUL green pants! I thought to myself, “I need those pants”, and when I need something I usually won’t stop until I find it.  Luckily, I was actually able to find a very similar pair of pants that very day! Crazy how things work out sometimes :).

Pieces that you are on the hunt for?

Screen Shot 2020-09-29 at 9.14.30 PM

I always keep a running list of pieces I am looking to thrift/add to my closet. Some items that are on my list at the moment include: oversized thick cotton shirts with cool graphics, sweater vests, and tie dye nike socks. Keeping a list helps me stay organized and in the right headspace while thrifting-sometimes thrift shopping can get overwhelming because you have to sift through so many clothing racks, but I find that keeping a list makes things a bit easier. It also keeps me accountable because I have a bad habit of buying random things I don’t need!

Screen_Shot_2020-09-29_at_9.15.24_PM-removebg-previewHow do you get that icky thrift-shop smell out of the clothes?

Honestly, I wash them twice before wearing sometimes! You have to get a strong detergent for sure, but I generally don’t have many issues with this. I will say that leather, cashmere, and thick denim retain scent for longer so those types of pieces will need to be washed more frequently to get the smell more (not sure if you can even wash leather). My general rule of thumb is that if a piece needs more TLC than what it’s worth, I wouldn’t buy it. For example, if I saw a sweater I really wanted, but it had some holes and bad stains, I’d probably pass on it because it’d take more work to fix it than what it’s worth.

Favorite places to thrift? 

While I would absolutely loveee to share my favorite spots with everyone, a good thrifter knows to never disclose her favorite locations. If I told you all where I shopped, all the good pieces would get snatched! However, I’ll recommend savers to anyone who is looking to start thrifting, and for anyone looking for an iconic Boston shop, I’d start with The Garment District.

Who are some style icons and people you look up to?Screen_Shot_2020-09-29_at_9.15.16_PM-removebg-preview

Some of my favorite icons include: Aimee Song, Sofia Coelho, Maxine Wylde, whowhatwear, Princess Diana, and Alexis Sablone. All of these women are unapologetically themselves and it clearly shows through their fashion. Aimee Song is probably my #1 icon because of the fact that she is a huge Asian American female role model for me. She started one of the most popular fashion lines (Song of Style) that is sold on sites like Revolve. She’s basically a bad bitch who’s running her own fashion empire, and to be able to have such a solid female role model who is also Asian has been monumental for me. Seeing her success gives me hope that one day I’ll make it big in the industry too!