Friend Favorites Part V

The favorites my friends are all talking about.

15 friends later and here we are, halfway through the series! This week, I chose three friends (including one relative) that I have known for quite some time now. I love making new friends, but there is something quite special about having friends you have known for some time. And even these will friends surprise you! Who knew that my gal pal Fifi liked to people watch for style inspo, that my girlfriend Fay enjoyed munching on crackers, or that my own brother has been hiding a facemask that he enjoys from me! Enjoy these new friend favorites- I know I have!

Max (left), Fay (center), Fifi (right)

SnackScreen Shot 2021-05-10 at 12.40.05 PM

Max: Siggis Honey Yogurt and granola. Siggis yogurt is the best, it has a bunch of probiotics and with the honey it is not too sour. This is also a great snack to have before working out, it gives me enough energy without feeling too full.

Fay: My favorite snack is Fantastic Original Rice Crackers because it is a healthy snack that tastes so good and fills me up.

Fifi: As you know, I don’t snack for the most part, but, if I do, I always get Ben & Jerry’s chocolate chip cookie dough and mint chocolate chip. It’s just the best ever! I even eat it when it’s 5 degrees in Boston.

Beauty Product

Screen Shot 2021-05-10 at 12.40.17 PM

Max: Belif First Aid Transforming Peel Off Mask. This mask is the absolute best! Coming from someone who has struggled with acne most of my life, I would use this mask before going out and it was like I had a new face after 15 min. It helped clear up some of my breakouts and take the redness out of my face. It is a total lifesaver especially if you are short on time.

Fay: My favorite beauty product is the Obagi Daily Hydro Drops because it is acts as a serum that is so light, yet it provides my face with instant hydration and leaves it with a lovely glow.

Fifi: Anti-aging serum called Rejuvenating Essentials from Comfort Zone. You know what I mean when you turn 25!

Favorite Clothing Item

Screen Shot 2021-05-10 at 5.09.26 PM

Max: My current favorite clothing item is my Replica bianchetto sneakers. I am in love with Maison Margiela replica sneakers. They are a classic look with a twist and great quality. The shoes are a great way to add a bit of fun to your everyday look. This version is my current favorite out of all of the ones in my rotation

Fay: My current favorite clothing line is COS because I can find a variety of items that suit different occasions, whether that be for work or daily outings and they constantly change the collection.

Fifi: I haven’t renewed my closet for a while, but I recently fell in love with the new Chanel flap in cherry, which is limited edition. It’s a new size and just by looking at the picture it makes me so happy, I guess also because spring is coming and I always need a new handbag!

Show or MovieScreen Shot 2021-05-10 at 12.43.16 PM

Max: My current favorite show is Veep. It has to be one of the best TV comedies of all times. Julia Louis-Dreyfus is amazing the whole cast is so talented and even if I have seen the episode a bunch of times I am always laughing. It is especially relatable to today’s political climate.

Fay: My favorite show right now is a Turkish TV series called Cukur and I enjoy watching it because it is an excellent combination of action, romance, and comedy, and storyline just keeps getting more and more interesting.

Fifi: I haven’t watched that much, but I do really like the movie Manchester by the Sea. It’s a little depressing, but it reveals the fact that sometimes you don’t have to work hard to heal the wounds you have from the past. You just have to let them be.

Hobby or Activity

Screen Shot 2021-05-10 at 12.49.51 PMMax: Current favorite hobby is riding on my Peloton. It’s so much fun and a great workout. I am someone who loved going out before the pandemic, so a ride on the peloton has been my way of coping being indoors for the past year.

Fay: My current favorite activity is going on my daily walk because I get a good 1-1.5 hour of time to just relax and listen to my music or a nice podcast. Of course the best part is when I end my walk with my dog, Asooli.

Fifi: People watching from my window! It sounds sketchy, but I really enjoyed looking at what everyone’s doing and what they are wearing.

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