Friend Favorites Part VI

The favorites my friends are all talking about.

Friends are those who celebrate the victories with us and provide a shoulder to rest on when times are tough. Friends remember where we put our house keys and can offer the best help when picking out a date-night outfit. Friends laugh at our jokes, when they are far from funny, and sing karaoke with us, putting up with our off-pitch vocals. Friends support our hard decisions and call out our bad ones. Friends feed us when we are sick and lift us up on their shoulders when we are thriving (and at a concert). Our friends, they really do it all and these three ladies are no exception! These friends of mine have a whole new slew of recommendations for you this week, from classical gorilla painting to snail trail skin solutions. Wow, I really do love my friends- and all of their quirks!

Grace (left), Tara (center), Jazmin (right)


Screen Shot 2021-05-17 at 12.44.06 PM

Grace: No bake energy bites because they are easy to make, store, and eat!

Tara: I love making acai bowls! I buy either Sambazon or Trader Joe’s base and throw in any fruit and a tbsp of peanut butter for creaminess!

Jazmin: I just got a big pack of amazing creamy fresh mangoes and have had one everyday this past week. I’m an addict. It’s replaced my need for other desserts so it feels slightly healthier. 

Beauty Product

Screen Shot 2021-05-17 at 12.50.38 PM

Grace: COSRX Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence. This is weird, but you feel the difference and it makes your face feel so great!

Tara: Glossier perfume! I love the scent so much and spray it wherever I go!

Jazmin: My favorite beauty product right now is a Tree Hut Shea Sugar Exfoliating Body Scrub in Coconut Lime I got from Walmart. It’s coconut and lime scented, but not overwhelming as I have really sensitive skin.

Favorite Clothing Item

Screen Shot 2021-05-17 at 5.42.58 PM

Grace: Men dry stretch long sleeve sweatshirt from Uniqlo is the best. I like how basic and versatile it is for Zoom. Also, pockets! Love ’em!

Tara: This Abercrombie polka dot top with a square neckline and tie straps is my favorite and super cute for summer! (similar here)

Jazmin: My favorite clothing item I have right now is a jean jacket I just got from a vintage store in New York City. It has jean sleeves and an old Victorian painting- type tapestry fabric on the main body and it’s so pretty.

Show or Movie

Screen Shot 2021-05-17 at 1.01.08 PM

Grace: Legend of the White Snake. I just finished this C-Drama based off of this old legend and I love that I was able to trick myself to learn more Chinese through this. 

Tara: I have been watching The Crown and I love it! Every time I watch another episode I end up googling the royal family for hours and go down a rabbit hole. 

Jazmin: I’m obsessed with watching any Food Network show and I’m very excited for Spring Baking Championship finale! Another show I was obsessed with a month ago was Ramy, which is on Hulu and is amazing. 

Hobby or Activity

Screen Shot 2021-05-17 at 5.20.21 PM

Grace: I’ve been biking a lot more and discovering new trails that run over 45 miles. Washington Old Dominion Railroad Regional Park is a new trail that I have found and love. Even though I’ve lived in Virginia my whole life, I feel like I am discovering a new place every time I am hitting the road. 

Tara: I recently moved back to Boston, so I love to take stroll when the weather is nice and go thrifting!

Jazmin: My current favorite hobby is painting because I think it’s really calming but also fun. I’ve only picked it up this past year and have started painting gorillas in classic well known paintings. I don’t know why, but I think it’s so funny and they’ve turned out kind of OK? (Ursula says: “incredible!”)

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